Gluten-free Cupcakes. Corn, Chickpea and Tapioca flour.

I was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant in the early 90s. I had been told I was lactose intolerant a few years earlier but I still felt off. I had a lack of concentration and I could not lose weight. I often felt really bloated, with all that is revolting about that condition, gases etc. I eventually went to have the intolerance test done, which turned up the gluten intolerance. I was daunted by it in the beginning. I still feel that it impacts my life in a big way, especially when it comes to eating out. These days I prefer home cooking but that can be a challenge when others choose to eat out. You cannot just not go, one would end up with a limited social life, even more limited than it already is when you have left everybody you know to start a new life in a different country. If we are eating out in Madrid, I sometimes eat at home then join my freinds in the restuarant later, for a drink. If we are out for the whole day, I take food with, just in case there is nothing on the menu which I can eat, Sometimes we take ages finding somewhere to eat, the blood sugar can drop, meaning the irritation can set in so it helps to have something to chomp on to keep the energy up and the irritation at bay. It sounds like a nightmare but all it takes is a little forethought. I don’t always feel like preparing something the night before an excursion but it is worth it.

Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 20/22 minutes.
40g corn flour
40g tapioca flour
This flour is very starchy so it works well for holding the sponge together. Too much tapioca flour can make the sponge rubbery.

95g chickpea flour (Gram flour is chickpea flour used by Indian cooks to make pakora), I find it works well in a sponge when mixed with other flours.
2.5g raising agent
3 medium sized eggs
175g granulated sugar
175g lactose-free margarine/olive oil
Optional ingredients
5 per cupcake. They are heavy so I fill the cupcake holders, add the blueberries just before they go in to oven. They will sink down into the mixture.
Cinnamon 4tsps
Beat the margarine until it is creamy, and the sugar, beat until creamy. Measure all the flour into a seperate bowl,add the raising agent, add the cinnamon to the flour. Mix it all together. Add three tablespoons of sieved flour to the butter and sugar. Mix until the flour is no longer visible.
Crack 3 eggs into a seperate bowl, beat until well blended. Add some egg and some more sieved flour to the mixture, bfold them in gently. Continue this process until the flour and egg are in the mixture and well blended.
Divide the mixture between 8 or 9 cupcake holders.
Add the blueberries.
Bakes for 20 to 22 minutes on 180 degrees celcius.